Top 10 Hotspots for Eid Shopping in Selangor, Malaysia

The festive season of Hari Raya Aidilfitri is fast approaching and it’s time to indulge in some shopping in Selangor. This location offers a wide range of fashion brands, home furnishings, and kuih raya, all under one roof. It’s a must-visit destination to prepare for the upcoming Hari Raya celebrations. So, get ready to shop till you drop!

A shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur
A shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur

Eid is just around the corner, and Selangor, Malaysia, is the perfect shopping destination to get your festive preparations sorted. Here are the top 10 shopping hotspots in Selangor that offer amazing sales, discounts, and promotions for Eid shopping:

The Curve:

This one-stop shopping center in Petaling Jaya offers a range of local brands with modern and nostalgic trends. With the theme ‘Nostalgia Raya,’ visitors can relive their childhood memories with loved ones while browsing through 250 stores spread over three floors.

Paradigm Mall:

Paradigm Mall offers a colorful Eid celebration with traditional Malay dances, batik drawing activities, a batik fashion show, Ramadan bazaars, and festive booths. Its Batik Factory decoration and unique wooden kampung structures with floral batik motifs reflect Malaysia’s rich heritage, culture, and traditions. Join various arts and crafts workshops and contests to win the best prizes and vouchers to prepare for Eid.

One Utama Shopping Centre:

One Utama Shopping Centre’s “Sinar Estetika Aidilfitri” celebration is inspired by Middle Eastern cultures and offers an illuminating spirit of Eid. Explore its vibrant Raya Bazaar at the Oval and Center Court for the latest fashion trends and an array of Raya delicacies like rendang and kuih bahulu or authentic Turkish delights. Don’t miss out on its Estetika Rewards, which offer splendid festive gifts through contests and promotions.

Sunway Pyramid:

Sunway Pyramid’s iconic Lion has turned the mall into a nostalgic charm of festive light, themed “Cahaya Raya,” with geometric patterns and Arabesque designs. Browse its Cahaya Raya booths with affordable luxury skincare products, traditional apparel such as Butik Rimba, and many more. You can also give back to the community by purchasing merchandise from the Early Autism Project (EAP), which is specially brought this Eid to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Don’t forget to grab your free dodol on a first-come, first-served basis!

Setia City Mall:

The “Wau! Bulan Raya” theme at Setia City Mall brings a “Wow!” factor to your Eid celebration. Redeem special gifts while you shop, from crafted merchandise to an exclusive Nurita Harith scarf. The uniqueness of this year’s theme is accompanied by various cultural performances on weekends, like Dikir Barat, Kulingtangan, and Caklempong performances.

PKNS Shah Alam Complex:

PKNS Shah Alam Complex is a hotspot for the surrounding community with thousands of visitors from nearby and outside of Shah Alam. It’s equipped with a leisure area where visitors can take a break after hours of shopping sprees. Located at the same place as PKNS Ramadan Bazaar, it’s definitely a hit spot for visitors to break their fast after browsing through the affordable promotions offered here. A variety of stores are available, including fashion boutiques, restaurants, electronics, and mobile stores.

SACC Mall:

SACC Mall is a “Neighborhood Mall” located in the heart of Shah Alam city center that offers an exciting shopping experience for the whole family. Spread across three levels, it offers top local and international brands and is a must-visit destination for shoppers with different budget ranges for Eid preparation. From household items to fashion and beauty products, all are available here with good promotions and offers specially for Aidilfitri!

GM Klang Wholesale City:

GM Klang Wholesale City’s “Rioooh Raya” theme offers over 2,500 stores that provide unrivaled wholesale and retail sales. Shoppers can grab the chance to win RM 7,300 cash prizes this festive season by purchasing a wide range of products offered.

Mitsui Outlet Park:

Located just 6km away fr

om KLIA and KLIA2, this mall offers various Eid promotions across its over 140 mid-range and high-range outlets. With RM 50,000 worth of prizes up for grabs, it’s definitely worth stopping by here for a quick Raya shopping spree.

i-City Mall:

This iconic shopping mall collaborates with legendary fashion designer Rizman Ruzaini and features more than 50 brands available, including Bulan Bintang and Elrah. Visitors can drop by for the best deals and be the next fashionista this Raya for their Raya OOTD!

To sum up, Selangor, Malaysia offers a memorable Eid shopping experience with an array of choices and enticing deals at every turn, catering to both traditional and contemporary styles.

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