Grab Car ; The Easiest and Cheapest Way To Commute In Malaysia

The first thing that comes in your mind after reaching at your destination is, how to get out of the airport, bus station, train station etc? and head to your place of stay. Malaysia has the most affordable solution for this problem. Its very convenient and hassle free. Grab car, is the best way to roam around in Malaysia’s top touristy cities. The local taxi runs on meter and gets very expensive as its too much traffic in the major cities. Grab has fixed fares to all its destinations. You also have no worries if you get stuck in traffic jam as you know that your fare is fixed. The drivers are well screened and therefore you need not to worry about your safety. Its quite safe to ride with Grab. There app has all the safety precaution solutions and how to reach them or the police in emergency situation.


Grab car, previously known as MyTeksi started its services in 2012. Today its Southeast Asia’s most popular and affordable taxi service. Grab is present in eight countries across the region. And countless people like myself, use its services every day. From my personal experience, Grab car is the best. Its not only easy on your wallet but very reliable.

Grab is available in most of the major cities in Malaysia and it has further expanded its GrabCar services and now its available in another nine major cities in Malaysia.  Uber also recently merged with Grab, making it more accessible to the general public.

How To Use Grab:

To start using Grab, passengers can:

  1. Go to either the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore and download the Grab App.
  2. Register with your google account, Facebook or your phone number.
  3. Key-in the respective pick-up and drop-off locations.
  4. Click Book.

Grab app has many other options that suit your demand. So get a Grab app and start exploring. Enjoy your ride.

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