Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms

Genting Strawberry leisure farms are Malaysia’s largest organically grown strawberry farm. It is situated just an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur. Which makes it quite approachable and an ideal place for a family outing day trip. Kids as well as adults enjoy strawberry picking.

Strawberry Farm Malaysia

This beautiful strawberry farm in Malaysia has many other attractions other than picking strawberries. There are fragrant and gorgeous lavender fields. You can find a variety of flower fields as well. They have actually tried to make it a replica of Dutch flower fields. A cute little windmill decoration reminds you of the gorgeous Netherlands.

There is an entrance fee of 15RM for adults and 10RM for kids. They have small stalls inside selling a variety of local goods like batik dresses, handicrafts, pure honey, different kinds of essential oils, jewelry, plants, herbs, dry fruits, and souvenirs. A small cafe sells coffee and snacks. They have a basic menu so you can have a modest lunch if you like nasi lemak.

My kids enjoy strawberry picking a lot and that was the main reason to visit this place. This strawberry farm is the nearest one that I can get to from Kuala Lumpur. Pre-packaged strawberries are also available which they sell for about 18RM to 20Rm per packet. For strawberry picking, they charge you 8RM pr 100 gms of strawberries. The sad part is that they do not allow you to eat at the spot, I mean you cannot eat while picking them. I know it was quite disappointing. Usually in Europe, you pay an amount at the farm for picking the fruit and you can also eat.

The weather is very pleasant there. Very green surroundings. You enjoy the cool breeze even if it’s sunny. I would suggest you go with your family. You and your kids will love this place.

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