Emily’s Steakhouse – Western food at its finest.

Emily’s Steakhouse in Bukit Bintang, KL  serves the best dry-aged beef steaks, seafood, lamb chops, and much more. It has a halal menu sure to delight even the pickiest eater. And the location, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, is accessible to all.

Dedicated to excellence, the restaurant has won numerous awards in both England and Malaysia, such as the World Top Gourmet award from World Gourmet Malaysia, as well as being recognized by the Midlands Food Drink & Hospitality Awards, and the Three Best Rated. 

While the parking space above may seem small, there’s actually a larger parking lot, to the side of the restaurant, albeit a little less fancy. 

The Menu

The Steakhouse has an affordable lunch menu, that unfortunately, seems to only be served during lunchtime. We had their main menu – Black Pepper Steak Pot, Steakburger, The lamb rack combo, and drinks. You can see them and more on their Grab page

The burger and steakpot arrived sooner than the lamb, which some guests wouldn’t like, since it makes the dining experience quite chaotic, with some people already done with their meals while others are still waiting. Luckily, the menu does mention the approximate cooking time (for the lamb it was 45min) so if this is a concern for you then you can take the time stated into account when ordering. 

Everything was delicious! All the meats were cooked perfectly, not overcooked as I’ve found at many restaurants. The owners take pride in hand-chopped chips (and not the frozen ones served elsewhere). The minty green sauce with the lamb was like nothing I’d ever had before. No complaints! (except for maybe the quantity 😉) 

Elegant / Vintage / Romantic

All of the above! The ambiance of this restaurant is perfect for special occasions: like a birthday or an anniversary. Beautiful art and chandeliers and uniquely British trinkets everywhere. They even got me a complimentary brownie and ice cream! 

This section of the steakhouse was full of couples and smaller groups, with the tables set up to accommodate a maximum of 4 people. In case you have a larger party, or would like some privacy they also provide bigger  private rooms to dine in, with the same beautiful wallpaper, art and british decor seen everywhere else. 

The entrance area is perfect for taking group photos, with vintage chairs and decor assembled beautifully. The frames held both art and pictures of happy customers – so if you also want your memories to be added to the walls of this stunning steakhouse: just ask! 

Customer Reviews

Best Steak in KL” is how describes it.  

Haven for steak lovers – One of a kind dining experience, with an immaculate sense of customer service, this place is a winner. Thank you Emily for being a fantastic host. You made us feel ‘home’.”

Great steak – One of the best English restaurants in Kuala Lumpur! Location is good, convenient to park my car. Steaks are outstanding and we enjoy the ribs and fish and chips. Their black pepper sauce is the best! And Good service too”

Feeling like in UK! – This venue has a great location. It has a very traditional ambiance. The waiter was very nice and friendly despite the fact that the restaurant was busy. We were so glad that the food was served in big portions and presented great. The steaks and the fish we ordered tasted delicious. It is an expensive meal but you get a quality food in return.” 

These People are the best! – we decided to reserve a table at the garden for a surprise birthday party for a close friend. but the weather was scorching hot that the owner offered us to celebrate it in the VIP lounge instead. the owner and the staff themselves helped with the surprise. Their dedication and willingness to make it happen was beyond amazing and it was a success. thank you Emily’s! awesome food too oh my Lord! the steaks were impeccably amazing. cooked perfectly to our liking and all the other dishes were exquisite as well. the price range is quite affordable in my opinion. I’d happily pay more for the 5- star service and assistance thank you again!!

You can read the rest at Trip Advisor

The History

Emily’s Steakhouse was established in 2007 by Emily, a Malaysian businesswoman, and her husband Lee in Derby, UK. “Home” and “Hearty” Are the two words she uses to describe it. 

12 years later, the first Malaysian branch in Penang was established. The beautiful coastal city being the obvious choice, as it is also Emily’s hometown. And then they opened the Kuala Lumpur branch in the Sheraton Hotel before relocating to Bukit Bintang, where we had the pleasure to dine at. 

The power couple take pride in cooking real, authentic British food. This naturally means dealing with a lot of issues, like finding and training skilled staff and sourcing fresh ingredients. “Cooking from fresh, you need a certain type of skill,” Lee said. “Not flip the burger at 36 seconds, or put on the fryer until the buzzer goes off. It’s not.”

Sticking to strictly British flavors in its Malaysia outlets has led to some complaints, such as “Where is my jug of sauce?”, and “Why is there no chili on it?” But while the British dishes on the menu are still as authentic as ever, the team has expanded the Malaysian menu to include a variety of dishes, such as pastas, lamb chops, and seafood dishes. 

This means that no matter what your guest’s dietary requirements are: allergies, religious constraints, or weight loss diets, they have plenty of delicious options to choose from. 

They’ve made it clear that unless they’re able to maintain the standard, the steakhouse will not expand beyond the few existing locations. “We are not a worldwide standard,” Lee reminded. “We are one standard, and it’s our standard.” 


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