Best Of Nathiagali in a Short Trip

Northern areas of Pakistan are a piece of paradise. These hidden gems of nature are not well explored. There are places that still need to trek and be appreciated. Pakistan’s gorgeous mountainous wonders are now catching the attention of tourists. Nathia Gali is one of those beautiful mountain wonderlands of Pakistan. The pine-clad highland is a popular summer retreat.


Nathiagali is a beautiful hill station in the northern area of Pakistan. It is situated in KPK province in the Galiyat Range. Nathiagali is known for its scenic natural beauty, hiking tracks, and pleasant weather, especially during summer. In summer, Nathia Gali is relatively popular amongst tourists. It is less crowded than its neighboring areas like Murree.

Gothic church in Nathiyagali

Nathiyagali Church

How to Reach Nathiagali

Nathiagali is easily accessible by road. It’s hardly two hours drive from Islamabad. The road condition is excellent. During summer you will meet traffic jams but this problem can be avoided if you make your journey earlier in the day. There are very few petrol pumps in the area. Fill your fuel tanks well before heading toward Nathiagali.

Hotels and Accommodation:

You can find a variety of living options in Nathiagali. Hotels/guesthouse range from 2-star to 5-star. Individual villas can also be rented for big families. You can book your hotel even at the time of your arrival at the place. During the peak season, one should have an advance booking. Due to the heavy influx of tourists hotels are fully booked from June to August. Rest houses and Cottages equipped with most facilities are available here for the tourists. During summer ( May to August) their rates become high.

hill resort

Hill top Bungalow

Popular Activities:

Nathiagali is situated at the edge of the mountain with a nice panorama towards Kashmir. Near St.Mathews’s church, you can view this beautiful scenery. Trekking is a great activity. Two high peaks Meranjani and Mushkpuri are the popular trekking spots. There is another beautiful trek that leads to Thandiani that passes through Dagri Naka.

Horse riding is great fun for kids and adults. You can enjoy the natural scenery while horse riding along the Cedar and Pine trees.

Kids can play and jump around in the lush green meadows. Lalazar Park is a wildlife sanctuary assisted by The World Wildlife Fund. They helped in the breeding and reintroduction of the species of the near-extinct common hill leopard in the forests of the Ayubia National Park, right by Dungagali and Nathia Gali.

nathyagali waterfall

nathyagali waterfall

Nathia Gali has a mini bazaar. One can find souvenir shops and a lot of eateries. There is a variety of restaurants where you can have local food, fast food, and continental food.

In conclusion, Nathyagali is undeniably a gem nestled in the northern region of Pakistan. The picturesque landscapes, adorned with verdant forests, towering mountains, and cascading waterfalls, create a mesmerizing tapestry that captivates the senses. It is a haven of tranquility, where one can escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the serene embrace of nature. The air is crisp and pure, carrying the soothing melodies of chirping birds and rustling leaves. Every step taken in this enchanting paradise reveals hidden treasures, from colorful wildflowers carpeting the meadows to panoramic vistas that leave one awe-struck. Nathyagali truly embodies the essence of nature’s wonders, inviting visitors to embrace its tranquil charm and find solace amidst its natural splendor.

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