Best Foods To Eat In Kuala Lumpur

Food is an integral part of travel. Experiencing new flavors and tastes is an adventure in itself. Kuala Lumpur has a variety of cultures living together. You can find almost all kinds of foods from these different communities living in Kuala Lumpur. There are some restaurants and special foods that really stand out. If you are in Kuala Lumpur then you must try them. Sharing with you a list of my favorite foods in Kuala Lumpur that I want to eat again and again. This is not a final list. I will keep on sharing the new flavors and cuisines that I will taste.

Beef Kueh Teow at Grandmama’s:

Grandmama’s is a very nice humble restaurant. I love almost all of its menu. My favorite one is their Beef Kueh Teow. It is a scrumptious hearty dish that leaves you full and satisfied. Beef Kueh Teow is an amazing mix of ginger, scallions, and thick egg-based sauce served over slices of tender, succulent beef, and flat-rice noodle

Nasi Lemak at Madam Kwan’s:

Madam Kwan’s is Malaysia’s most popular restaurant famed for its incredible Nasi Lemak. Nasi Lemak is Malaysia’s national dish. At Madam Kwan’s you get to taste the authentic flavours of this healthy and rich local dish. This tasty dish comprises aromatic coconut steamed rice served with chicken curry, sambal which has the most unique taste, dried shrimp floss, hard-boiled egg, pickle, and fresh cucumbers. You can find nasi lemak at every food court, food street, and restaurant across Malaysia but the best one you can eat is at Madam Kwan’s. The place is very hygienic and authentic.

Frozen Yogurt at Llao Llao:

If you are in KL do not miss this incredible frozen yogurt. Llao Llao has an amazing recipe for its smooth silky and not-so-sweet frozen yogurt. The frozen yogurt can be enjoyed on its own and they also serve it with a number of yummy sauces, fruits, and other toppings. You can choose any topping of your liking with the frozen yogurt.

Baked Cheese Tarts at Hokkaido:

“Love at first bite”, yes, it’s that amazing. The baked cheese tarts from Hokkaido are just awesome. You will simply fall in love with these tarts once you taste them. They are available in many flavors but the original ones are the best. So do not miss a chance of grabbing these yummiest cheese tarts once you are in Kuala Lumpur.


Devi’s Corner for Best Banana Leaf Rice:

Devi’s Corner has the best banana leaf rice that you can eat in Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant offers the best South Indian authentic cuisine. The food is cheap but rich in taste and leaves you full. Their fish curry, chicken curry, daal, dosa, fried okra, Chicken tikka, and mutton fried curry all taste incredible.



Korean BBQ Chicken at Korean Cuisine Suria KLCC:

The food court at Suria KLCC has a small Korean food shop that has this tasty BBQ Chicken with rice set. The meal is a combo of BBQ chicken curry served with boiled rice, kimchi, tofu soup, and bean sprouts. This whole set is not only light on your pocket but also tastes uniquely delicious.

Ikan Masak Pedas at Suraya Seafood:

Suraya Seafood restaurant is situated in Kampung Baru, KL. The restaurant serves the freshest seafood in town. They serve authentic Malay cuisine. Ikan Masak Pedas is a spicy fried fish. It is the best-fried fish that you can eat in KL. A whole fish is deep fried and served on a bed of crispy sautéed vegetables and a red tangy gingery sweet sauce. The flavors are simply out of this world. You must try this fried fish.

Churros Donut Stack at Botanica + Co:

Botanica+Co is not an old restaurant. It is one of the very modern and stylish restaurants in KL. I love one of their desserts and it’s truly unique not only in its presentation but it also tastes amazing. Churros Donut Stack is a donut-shaped churros stack topped with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with caramel & chocolate. The salty caramel and sweet churros make a heavenly combination of flavors in your mouth.

So What do you think about our collection of “best local food in kl”. Please let us know in your comments below.