7 Tips To Shoot Best Instagram Photos of Your Trip

Shooting your pictures for Instagram has never been as easy as it’s now. The intelligent photo-editing apps and tech-savvy smartphones allow everyone to “be a photographer”. Even then, there does lack that glamour that is needed for a picture to be Instagram-worthy.  So, here’s our selection of fool-proof tips to take your Instagram photos to the next level.

Plan In advance; Find A Focused Theme for your Feed:

Before taking any pictures. Think about what you actually want to show. what is that one thing which is your point of interest? Then start building your feed around that one theme. Basically, you should think about what’s in your life and what you want to share with your audience. Select your content first.

Do Not Chase for ‘Likes’:

Build your feed content wisely. Don’t get stuck with what the Instagram community thinks is good, or what kind of photos get the most likes. Otherwise, you’ll end up chasing sweet but ordinary visuals, even though your talent lies in storytelling, humor, or compelling portraiture.

Take The Most Advantage of Natural Light:

Lighting plays a very important role when it comes to Instagram. If your picture looks drab or out of focus then it’s not going to get much attention. The best lighting is achieved in the early morning – as the sun rises it creates a soft, natural light that is ideal for landscape pictures and photos of the beach. If you get up early, you’ll also avoid the crowds and create the impression that it’s just you alone with nature. There is nothing that beats natural light, so if you’re outdoors, early morning, late afternoon, and overcast days are prime times for shooting.

Find Beauty Around You; Use Your Eyes:

Move around the place where you are traveling to. Forget about taking selfies for some time. Explore your surroundings. Use your eyes to make the right frame before taking a million shots. Think about ways you can use your presence to showcase the primary subject: the scenery. For example, ask someone to photograph you from behind looking thoughtfully into the distance, or use your body to help to provide scale and perspective to the shot.

Play With The Blue Colour:

There are a few colors that come up better than others. Blue is one of those colors. It doesn’t matter that you are using a smartphone or DSLR camera, your right choice of playing with the best color changes the entire look of the picture. That is the reason why we love taking pictures of oceans and infinity pools on our travels. According to research, most blue images on Instagram receive 24% more “likes” than their red or orange counterparts. Blue is also associated with calm, nature and relaxation, all of which help to develop the wanderlust bug.

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Use Fewer Filters:

Trying different filters may seem fun for your Instagram pictures, but sometimes it shows an untrue image. It can be a little disappointing if the reality is very different from what’s been posted on your feed. The desired sharpness can be achieved by trying clever camera tricks instead of using filters. Try adjusting the brightness and saturation of the photo. This will make the colors brighter and the image sharper, but it will still be a faithful representation of what’s in front of you.

Capture From Different Angles:

You can make an ordinary picture extraordinary just by shooting from a different angle.  A scene can look amazing if shot from a different perspective than its usual appearance. So be bold and go for a wild shot.  You can make your pictures alive and let them do the talking for you.

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