7 Best Places To See In Putrajaya In A Day Trip

Putrajaya, famously known as the “Intelligent Garden City” is 45 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is a beautiful city with very stylish and modern architecture. Putrajaya is the Government’s administrative centre. The city was named after Malaysia’s first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra.

Five confluences meet here to form the main waterway, Putrajaya Lake, which flows at the heart of the city amid a human-made Wetland Park. As you arrive in the city, the first views are of the boats floating past the Putrajaya Lake. This gorgeous city can be toured in a day. You can get here by taking Grab which is the cheapest available option. Private tour operators also provide day trips. Putrajaya is located en route to the airport KLIA.  Keep this trip for your last day as this tour is ideal for those catching a late evening flight.

Here I am going to discuss the top 7 places that you can explore in Putrajaya. The main attractions are all situated close to each other, this way its quite easy to visit all of them. So lets get started:

1. Putra Mosque:

Inspired by the Persian Safavid architecture, Putra mosque has a beautifully unique design. The mosque is also known as the Pink Mosque because of the rose tinted granite used in its construction. Putra mosque is situated over the Putrajaya lake along with the Perdana Putra. Non- Muslims cannot enter the mosque without the complete Muslim attire. Its a huge complex and definitely a worth visiting place.

Putrajaya Pink Mosque and PM Office

2. Perdana Putra: The Prime Minister’s Office:

Perdana Putra or the prime minter’s office is situated on the main hill in Putrajaya, it has become synonymous with the executive branch of the Malaysian federal government. Tourists are not allowed inside the building but can visit it from the outside.  Outside the Perdana Putra is a large square with flagpoles flying Malaysian states’ flags.

3. Putrajaya Horse Carriage Ride At Dataran Putra:

Dataran Putra is the city square. The square has been used for festivals such as the Malaysian Independence Day parade. The 300 meter circular Putra Square is bounded by Perdana Putra, Putra Mosque, Putra Bridge and the Promenade Shopping Mall. In the evening time the square is crowded with tourists. But its the best time to enjoy this place. A horse carriage ride takes you around the tour of Putra Square. The ride is very amusing. Kids really enjoy it as my daughters were so fascinated by this horse ride and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Putrajaya Horse Carriage Ride At Dataran Putra

4.Cruise Tasik:

Cruise Tasik is a very humble cruise trip over the Putrajaya Lake. The evening hours are ideal for the cruise ship tour. The cruise is not that big and glamorous but its a fun activity for the kids to see the beautiful bridges over lake Putra and the aesthetically gorgeous looking buildings housed along the Putrajaya lake.

Cruise Tasik

5. Putrajaya Lake: Marina Putrajaya:

Putrajaya lake is situated in the centre of the city. This huge man-made lake is designed to act as a natural cooling system for the city and also for recreation, fishing, water sports and water transport.  Marina Putrajaya is housed on the larger part of the Putrajaya lake. Marina Putrajaya has always been the centre of water sports in Putrajaya. There are many water sport clubs and association adopt Marina Putrajaya as their training hub because of the lake access facilities and equipment provided by Marina Putrajaya. This facility provides recreational indoor facilities such as indoor swimming pool, snooker and pool lounge, karaoke room, squash courts, gymnasium, steam bath and sauna room as well as function rooms and halls.

Putrajaya Lake: Marina Putrajaya

6. Botanic Gardens ( Taman Botani) :

Putrajaya Botanical Gardens is located in the same vicinity of precinct 1. It is one of the main tourist attractions of the city.  The place is botanical wonderland. There are many different tropical flora and fauna to explore. The garden is divided into many sections according to the various plants species. The area is so huge you have to hire a bicycle which is easily available in the garden.  You can also find shuttle buggies which pick and drop the tourists from certain points around the garden. This place also serves as the national sanctuary to the Malaysian tropical flora and fauna. Garden timmings are from 9 am to 7 pm.

Moroccan Pavilion Putrajaya

Moroccan Pavilion Putrajaya

7. Moroccan Pavilion Putrajaya:

A tastefully decorated Moroccan Style architecture situated in the Putrajaya botanical gardens is a must see place. Tucked around the lush greenery of the botanical garden Moroccan pavilion reminds you of the old Moorish cities in Spain. The water fountain situated in the centre of Granada Court is modeled after the Lion’s Court of Alhambra. The walls of the courtyard are adorned with calligraphic verses from the Quran. The complex is built as a testimony of strong brotherly ties between the countries of Morocco and Malaysia.


There are lot more things to do in KL, Kuala Lumpur In 5 Days provides complete plan to visit major attractions, if you are traveling with kids.

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